Chalbi Desert Safari and Marsabit Crater Lakes Expedition

One of the reasons why tour packages bump up a bit in cost, is the transfer costs, from your home to the place you want to tour. And of course the return logistics from the tour place to your home.

If you want to experience Chalbi Desert as a group of friends – between 4 to 6 people then here at Begin North Adventures we have a solution for you.

Pay attention closely, because this is about to get exciting..

From Nairobi to Marsabit is 520KM on A2(the road that starts as Thika Super Highway) , just 30KM exceeding the distance from Nairobi to Mombasa. It’s a 7 to 8 hours drive, meaning if you depart at 0600H you would arrive at 1400H ( – if you add stops in Isiolo and Nanyuki then by latest 4 PM you’ll be in Marsabit home and dry.

What kind of car do you need?

You need a car or cars that have enough space to carry your group. If you are four, then a four seater, if you are six, then a six seater..

The car has to be well serviced to drive for 1,100KM return.. If you you are not certain of your car performance.. its better you go with full service trip on any of our upcoming events.

All in all, whether you have a station wagon, dudu(vitz) or SUV if its roadworthy, then you’ll make it to marsabit without any issues.

Landcruiser Safari to Chalbi and Marsabit Crater Lakes

Once you arrive in Marsabit, your car will be on a secure parking, while Landcruisers get you on Chalbi Safari and Later for Marsabit Crater lakes.

Your car will only transit over tarmac 100% of the time..

Make sure that one of your safari mates is a driver so you can exchange midway so you can also enjoy looking out of the window sideways from time to time.


Chalbi Desert and Marsabit Crater Lakes Experience

Begin North Adventures is your preferred Travel Partner to Kenya’s North, traversing Laikipa, Nanyuki, Mount Kenya, Samburu, Lake Turkana and Marsabit.

What’s included in this trip

Guided tour from Nanyuki, through Isiolo, Samburu to Marsabit. A Chalbi Desert Safari and Marsabit Crater Lakes Experience.

DAY 1(Self Drive, Nairobi to Marsabit)


Depart Nairobi


Stop at Nanyuki Equator briefly and also take some photos of Mount Kenya. Tour Nanyuki and buy some essentials at one of the malls.


Drive through the Timau and stop by Kisima for some photos of the yellow filled Canola fields and wheat fields


Arrive in Isiolo for Early Lunch and a brief tour of the Town


Stop by Archer’s Post for a brief walk to the Mighty Ewaso Nyiro and take photos


Stop by Mt. Ololokwe for some photos and enjoy back drop views of Mount Kenya and Matthew Ranges.


Stop by Moile hill and take some photos


Arrive in a Marsabit Hotel and check in, freshen up, take dinner at the hotel and rest for the evening..

DAY 2 (Chalbi Desert Safari)


Depart for Maikona and interact with local communities. See camel caravans, along the way.. and the life of the local people..

Visit some of the Chalbi sand dunes enroute to Kalacha Oasis


Have lunch at Kalacha, this is also the place where we shall spend for the night


Have a 3 hours drive to North Horr and back to Kalacha.. Feel the full force of the elements and you experience Kenya’s only True desert, a lake that dried 10,000 years ago to drench the craters of Marsabit.


Have coffee at Kalacha as a the local community performs some concerts of traditional rituals like marriage and traditional dances for one hour.


stay in the hotel compound and have dinner there


those who want to rest can, or one can have a mattress outside as they stargaze and see the stars with all their glory in the clear night sky. Chalbi desert skies have no light pollution unlike the cities.

DAY 3 (Marsabit Crater Lakes Expedition)


check out, at the hotel in Kalacha for Marsabit town.


Early Lunch in Marsabit


Check in at a Marsabit Hotel


Drive to Marsabit park and enjoy the protected lush forests with centuries old trees. Visit the Gof Sokorte crater lake and spot wild animals as they come to take water in the evening..

Drive up to Lake Paradise, one of the most chronicled places in Marsabit, for perfect views to free your mind..


Get back to the hotel in the theater to recup on the Safari, have a coffee or watch a movie


Have dinner and later rest

DAY 4 (Self Drive to Nairobi)


check out the hotel, fuel up


Make a detour towards Balessa to view another Crater with views like the Rift valley..

after a few photo moments and reminsicing the exiting safari expedition..

the guided tour ends..

Drive back to Nairobi..

Guests can make stops at various places for more photos

lunch in Isiolo or Nanyuki


Arrive in Nairobi

  • Chalbi Desert Safari
  • Marsabit Crater Lakes Expedition
  • Entrance fees to Parks
  • Accomodation Full board during stay

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Begin North Adventures
Begin North Adventures

Begin North Adventures, is Your Travel Partner, with focus on Kenya's North. Occuring East of Rift Valley and North of Equator: are lands with extreme climates from the snow capped Mount Kenya, to the World's 2nd largest Desert Lake, the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana), Chalbi desert, UNESCO protected biosphere of Mt. Kulal, the protected Marsabit Forest that remains largely unchronicled until now. Let's help you create memories on these Virgin lands

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