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Begin North Adventures is the Choice, Kenya’s North Tour Solutions Company. We have the most comprehensive, ‘on the ground network’, that caters for safe, pristine and unbound Safari experiences.

Each Trip is tailor made to match an individual or a groups unique situation. As a result, each visitor has a distinctive experience of the places they visit and the people they meet in their cultural villages.


In 2016, many things happened, from the Olympics in Rio, to the Great Panda becoming no longer endangered. Brexit happened, Trump got elected. Cuba opened up for tourists and the first self driving taxi was invented.

Something else happened in 2016, pay close attention because this affects you. A family living in the suburbs of Nairob, left the city to the market town of Nanyuki, 200KM North of Nairobi.

Nanyuki is known for two things; mwisho wa reli and the Equator.

Mwisho wa Reli is to mean end of the railway line. It’s the last colonial town Northwards that bordered the beginning of the Northern Frontier district. It therefore follows that the Lunatic Express, 1900s rail transport would be severed in Nanyuki.

The Equator separates the Earths Northern and Southern hemisphere. It’s at Nanyuki, Equator where you can do experiments that show the Coriolis Effect. Where still water in jug moves anticlockwise in the south and 3 meters apart it moves clockwise for the North.

The railway had a huge economic effect. This marked the areas where modern civilisation was concentrated on by the colonialists. This resulted to the marginalisation of the Kenya’s North.

2016, after Mike and his family had settled. They began to discover the hidden gems to be found, in Kenya’s North of Equator.

The ‘Aha!’ Moment

The snow capped Mount Kenya, the Swamps of the mighty brown river of Ewaso nyiro.The rangelands of Samburu and Marsabit. Dried lakes of yonder that today form the Chalbi Desert. The world’s largest Alkaline lake and second largest desrt lake, Lake Turkana. Unesco protected biosphere of Mount Kulal with the largest Canyons, gorges and ridges in the south of Sahara. The crate lakes of mount Marsabit. The oasis of Ngurunit, Matthew Ranges, Nyiro and Ndoto mountains.

The Counties of Laikipia, Samburu, Marsabit and Lake Turkana; happens to the least chronicled there is. Yet are the most wondrous in beauty that Kenya has to offer. The A2 highway (Nairobi Moyale road) now covered in tarmac. It connects Nairobi to Addis Ababa by Tarmac. This has since opened up the North and all these pristine places are yours to experience.

Every year, there is a cultural festival that brings together the 15 Northern Communities. These are mostly Cushites, Lake Nilotes and Plain Nilotes and recently settled Bantu communities.

It’s these high octane experiences of the North that will leave your mouth gaping as you struggle to comprehend. All this beauty that had remained hidden and now yours to experience. Is exactly that which inspired the creation of Begin North Adventures. To be a travel partner for every adventourous person that wishes to venture in these lands with breathtaking topography.

Your Northern Travel Solution

Been there, done that, and lives there too

Begin North Adventures partners with individuals, families, friends and groups who wish to travel to Kenya’s North. Together we craft, for wonderful experiences, that is unique and over deliveres on available budget.

At Begin North Adventures we hold the value of preparation. Preparation makes perfect. We simulate our trips with our team on the ground and therefore prepare the most experiences per day. Every hour, you spend in a trip we have helped you design and implement will be filled with memories. There is no boring moment, be ready for eye popping, mind shifting and virgin moments to treasure.

Now is the right time, to experience Kenya’s North in ways that you have never thought of or even read about.

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