Mount Kenya National Park & Reserve is the home to Africa’s 2nd tallest mountain in Africa.

Mount Kenya view from North West

The highest peak at 5,199 meters, you’ll literally go above the Cumulus or Nimbus clouds and ‘touch the sky’

The Mountain has stratas in every defined altitude where you can find specific flora and fauna in respective strata.

There is wildlife like Elephants, Elands, the Mountain Bongos in the lower parts of the mountain. The more you ascend the fewer the animals

Vegetation is dense at the foot of the mountain and gets less dense towards the middle, near the peaks there is hardly any vegetation, even insects are hard to comeby.

Climbing Mount Kenya

It’s recommended before one climbs Mount Kenya, they should first attempt other smaller mountains that can be done in a day hike.

Such mountains to help prepare include; Ngong Hills, Kijabe Forest and hills and any of the Aberdare ranges like Satima or Elephant hills. Table mountain in the Aberdares is ideal but would take more than a day to climb and hence camping is a requirement.

At least one month preparation is required, this involves climbing one of the mountains or hills mentioned above and also daily exercises like cycling, long distance walking, jogging and stretching.

The Gym can also help, but you want to do cardio, strength and resistance training. It’s not the time to build muscles..

Another important but overlooked routine is taking water regularly and practising deep breathing. This will be benefitial in preventing altitude sickness and headaches when you get to high altitudes on material day.

Day Hiking

For those who are not yet up for the challenge, it’s not all doom and gloom.. you can still enjoy the mountain on a Day Hike to certain stations of mount Kenya and return to base by midafternoon.

Day Hikes are also suitable for weekends where you can take a break from the busybee life of the city and take a breath of fresh air that may not have been breathed before in the dense montane forest, lush stands of giant bamboo and a proper view of Mount Kenya Peaks.

Sirimon Gate to Old Moses(5 hours).. view of valleys and bird watching is suitable in this area, also there are many places suitable for a picnic

Naro Moru route (6 hours) up to the Meteorological Station and back, scenic beauty of dense forest, bamboo and moorland, animals and numerous birds can be found

Kamweti Route starts at the Forest Station to a less travelled and chronicled route with fairly challengin underfoot and also gets muddy when wet.The Trek does pay off as you get to enjoy the castle forests pillaging tens of meters high and running down in valleys to a splash of mouth gaping views. Finally you get to Kamweti falls, water dropping 20 meters from a rock into a pool, at the base is the perfect place to have your picnic.

Kamweti Falls, Mt Kenya
Kamweti Falls – Photo by Sarah Vilani

Don’t let anyone scare you with climbing mountains, get started with picnics, hiking and trekking and eventually when you are ready, you may plan a summit climb.