Kenya Desert Safari by Begin North Adventures. The most comprehensive Kenya’s North tour reveals: the Oasis of Intense Culture. Here is to History, breathtaking topography that is yet to be chronicled until now.

It was on a late afternoon when I got this email related to a Kenya Desert Safari requesting for a Bike tour to Kenya’s North. The guest team leader seemed to have done their homework, they new the names and places they wanted to visit. We had a quick brainstorm with my team and it was largely agreed that it would be crazy to do such a trip with cyclists. We are talking of intimidating scenes of harmless herders who shoulder M16s on an ordinary day. Attractions far apart that it would be crazy for anyone to think of biking dawn to dusk to reach desired places.

Young Morans on a daily herding routine

Conceiving the Ultimate Kenya Desert Safari

Heck, after corona ravanging the economy and mostly the travel industry getting the most affected. It was time to give this request a serious thought. Here at Begin North Adventures, we love the hard job, if we can’t do it, then no one will. True to this belief, guests revealed to me that they had sent over 20 requests to a number of companies. It’s Begin North Adventures that, responded with a positive response.

After 65 email exchanges, 12 proposals and 15 edits we finally came up with a 17 day itinerary that would combine cycling and Jeep (safari vehicle) transfers.

A coffee break in the middle of the dried lake chalbi, now the Chalbi desert the climax of a Kenya Desert Safari

Kenya’s North is made of vast lands. In this trip we focused on attractions in Turkana County ( 68,680 km²), Samburu County ( 20,182 km²) and Marsabit County (66,923 km²). The total area is a combined size of a country like Greece or one of the US states like Newyork, Alabama or North Carolina.

The population density in the Kenya’s arid and semi arid area is 6 to 15 people per Sq.Km. This gives an authentic desert experience but also provides a logistical challenge.. Availability of supplies in these far places is non existent. even with $1,000 you may not get a cucumber or lettuce when you want it. This calls for proper planning to have all the perishables make it for 17 days without skyrocketing refridgeration costs.

When one of our guests got a birthday: We still got to bake a simple cake in the wilderness by improvising layered pots and pans

The Landscapes that Kept on Changing

Deserts are beautiful, in their nothingness and miraging horizons.. the periodical desert storms adding to the sand dunes. The Magical Kenya’s North has a way to break that singular view with random stone formations, mountains, desert lakes, palms, dry river beds and more. Sometimes it feels like for every hill you gets something new revealed to you. The way of life, the people and the stories of these lands, adds to the richness.

Beautiful People, Pristine Culture and Stories of their Lands

Planet Earth is more than 4 billion years. Sometimes, one would wonder how the elements have affected the landscape. Every earthquake, wind storm, rain, storm, flash floods has affected the landscape formation.

On another view, ‘how has life been; from thorny plants that make it in these harsh conditions. The animals like the Dikdik that thrive without ever drinking water. The entire mystery of life in this arid places.

How about people, that have stories. They have named every hill, every water bed and how it has shaped their life and out comes. When the beauty of breath taking scenes wears down, it’s the people connections that persist.

Compiled clips on the feel and sounds of some of the places up north

Kenya Desert Safari in Pictures

Pristine Culture of the Northern Tribes

When it comes to culture, the first community that comes to mind is the Masai, who are majorly found in the southern part of Kenya. It’s the Kenya’s south that is dominated by wildlife reserves and the coast line, hence the most dominated tour circuits. The only community still holding to their culture are the Masai, and this way have become popular because of their closeness to popular tour circuits in Kenya and Tanzania.

Unbeknown to many, Kenya’s North is the Melting pot of virgin culture that has remained unchanged for centuries. Whereas modernisation like use of a cellular network may have changed the lives of the locals in some way. The communities up North still hold on to their cultural systems, beliefs and practices.

The Counties of Marsabit, Samburu and Turkana is home to over 16 indigenous tribes. It therefore goes without saying, that Kenya’s North is the true country’s culture capital. Some of the tribes include: Samburu, Turkana, ElMolo, Dasaanach, Gabra, Pokot, Rendille, Burji, Garre, Borana and more..

For a Successful Kenya Desert Safari, it takes a Village

Central North Kenya

Here are some of the Begin North Adventures, ground team that makes these trips a success. Not forgetting the much support we receive from the office team. Every local guide, local contact we appreciate you. Our contacts in Nyahururu, Maralal, Barsaloi, Poro, Lesiolo, Parkati, Latakweny, Ngurunit, Tangar, Suguta Valley, Tuum, Tangar, Lesirikan, South Horr, Kaisut Desert, Mt. Kulal, Illeret, North Horr, Kalacha, Maikona, Laisamis, Marsabit, Loiyangalani, Elmolo Bay, Desert Museum, Kobi Fora, Sibiloi Park, Darate, Gatab, Sololo, Dukana, Bute and others. We are grateful.

Begin North Adventures is a small tour company based in Nanyuki. We are a team that roars like no other and get’s every hard job done with ease. We tailor make tours to Northern Kenya from our offices in Nanyuki. International flights will reach Nairobi. Contact us, let’s create together.

Begin North Adventures
Begin North Adventures

Begin North Adventures, is Your Travel Partner, with focus on Kenya's North. Occuring East of Rift Valley and North of Equator: are lands with extreme climates from the snow capped Mount Kenya, to the World's 2nd largest Desert Lake, the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana), Chalbi desert, UNESCO protected biosphere of Mt. Kulal, the protected Marsabit Forest that remains largely unchronicled until now. Let's help you create memories on these Virgin lands

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