For the last couple of Months we have taken a number of trips to Central North Kenya (Samburu, Marsabit and Lake Turkana). We have learnt a lot from the diverse groups in each trip. Private trips for family or friends or chamas are easy as the guests have a number of things in common. In group trips where a guest purchases a seat, it’s hard to consolidate shared interests.

After much listening, our team has created a trip that includes accommodation and transport with optional activities that guests may decide to take on each day.

Some of the attractions include; Chalbi Desert, Mt Ololokwe, Mathews Range, Ndoto Mountains, the Sacred Nyiro Mountains, Ngurunit Springs and Rock Slides. Mt Kulal UNESCO protected Biosphere, pre historical Rock and cave paintings, Desert Musuem, Koobi Fora Paleontological sites and Omo bay. Crater lakes (includes popular lake paradise), Sand dunes, Oasis, Marsabit park, Sibiloi park, Lake Turkana wind farm, Central Islands and Southern Islands.

Cultural experiences include traditional festivals like Sorio (passover like festival), traditional weddings, singing wells, Elmolo villages, Gabra villages, Samburu Villages and Rendille villages.

Cultural Experience – Singing Wells of Illaut

Attractions and Activities: Ngurunit Springs and Rock Slides

Cultural Events and Festivals

Welcoming Communities

Begin 5 Days Ngurunit, Chalbi, Loiyangalani, Lake Paradise Itinerary

  1. Nairobi – Ngurunit
  2. Ngurunit – Loiyangalani
  3. Loiyangalani – North Horr
  4. North Horr – Marsabit
  5. Marsabit – Nairobi

Day 001: Nairobi – Ngurunit

Depart Nairobi, 1st stop at Equator Nanyuki. Stop by Canola fields, Isiolo, River Uaso, Mt Ololokwe, Mathews Range, Merille, Evening at Ngurunit

Day 002: Ngurunit – Loiyangalani

Ngurunit Springs and Rock Slides, centuries old flora, birding, singing wells, Ndoto Mountains, Sacred, Nyiro Mountains, Mt Kulal, Lake Turkana Wind Farm, lake Turkana sunset, night at Loiyangalani

Day 003: Loiyangalani – North Horr

Elmolo, desert museum, Gus Oasis, North Horr Oasis, North Horr Sand Dunes, Gabra community Watering camel site, Gabra Village.

Day 004: North Horr – Loiyangalani

Chalbi Desert proper, Crater lakes, Gof Aretho, Gof Chomba, Gof Sokorte, Bongore, Lake paradise, Marsabit park

Day 005: Marsabit – Nairobi

8 hours dive to Nairobi.

What to Carry

  1. Rucksack Bag to put clothes for entire safari
  2. Back Pack Bag to put only what you need for the day
  3. Ultra light sheet/long shawl/masai shuka
  4. Outdoor Rubber Shoes
  5. beach shoes/ crocs/ sandals
  6. Swimming costume or light clothes to play with water
  7. Toileteries and personal effects for contigency
  8. head scarf for ladies/ sunhat
  9. arabic turban for men/ sunhat
  10. camera or phone camera with spare power bank
  11. Evening light Jacket
  12. light snacks and lunchbars (optional, heavy meals are 4 to 6hrs apart)
  13. Water bottle for refill (500ml water is provided in every meal)
  14. Identification Documents
  15. Tip for crew, guide et al

What’s Included

  • Transfer from Nairobi to Marsabit in Luxurious Landcruisers
  • Transfer from Marsabit to Nairobi in Luxurious Landcruisers
  • Accomodition in the best available facility in a given area
  • Ngurunit/ Ndoto Foothills Tour
  • Lake Turkana Tour
  • Chalbi Desert and Sand dunes Tour
  • Marsabit Crater Lakes and Park Tour
  • Transport on Luxurious 4×4 Landcruiser through and through
  • Mouth-watering Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is provided during the safaris
  • Access to Professional Staff


Confirmations, Queries and Clarifications use this webform

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Every guest will have access to the window during transport in compliance to the ministries of health, transport and tourism respective guidelines
  • The Safari Cruisers are meticulously washed and disinfected before safari and are cleaned daily and sanitised before the days activities
  • Marsabit has 6 people per which is naturally distanced compared to Nairobi with approx. 6,400 people per

Child Policy: majority of the costs are on transport, since a child will occupy their own seat we are unable to extend discounts. The minimum age for a child to travel on this trip is 4 years. Toddlers below 4 years should board a private trip on request, that includes more days for sufficient rest and acclimitisation.

Refund Policy: Deposits and partial payments can be rolled over to the next available trip upon 21 days notice. Please note these trips are on shared costs between guests, short notice and last minute cancellations means we might not get a guest to take your seat on time. Kindly be considerate. In case of unforseen circumstances we may accept a replacement i.e. you may recommend anyone to utilise your ticket so to say.


Confirmations, Queries and Clarifications Reach Out

Begin North Adventures
Begin North Adventures

Begin North Adventures, is Your Travel Partner, with focus on Kenya's North. Occuring East of Rift Valley and North of Equator: are lands with extreme climates from the snow capped Mount Kenya, to the World's 2nd largest Desert Lake, the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana), Chalbi desert, UNESCO protected biosphere of Mt. Kulal, the protected Marsabit Forest that remains largely unchronicled until now. Let's help you create memories on these Virgin lands

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