Fly Fishing in Mount Kenya is one of the unique expeditions to look out for. Mount Kenya is an extinct stratovolcano that was formed millions of years ago. Estimated to have reached at 7,000M asl, this naturally gave the mountain an ice cap. It’s these glaciers that have eroded the mountain since to its current height of 5,199M asl.

Mount Kenya boasts of over 30 crater lakes and tarns. The largest and common ones are:

  • Lake Ellis (3,470m asl),
  • Rutundu Lake (3100M asl),
  • Lake Michaelson (3950m asl),
  • Lake Alice (3550M asl),

The lakes maybe accessed part by road and part by trekking. Access by helicopter may also be arranged.

Fly fishing in Mount Kenya

Fly fishing in Mount Kenya maybe a one day affair or up to six days trekking, camping and fishing safari.

Fly Fishing in Kenya with Begin North Adventures
Begin North Adventures guide displays a catch

Kenya Wildlife Service offers a permit per line – per day at a cost that is reviewed annually. Guests may have their own fly fishing gears, or the team at Begin North Adventures would organise the same on rental basis.

Fly fishing in Mount Kenya is not just another Sunday activity. The mountain provides some of the most remote fly fishing activity possible. In Mount Kenya, far to reach lakes, the environment is solitary, where no angling platforms or boats exist.

The Authorities allow for catch and release spotting but one may also be allowed to catch what they may eat within the park. So talk of hunting for food in the wilderness and achieving that in every literal sense.

As of this writing the named lakes above abound in fish. The image on the left is shows one of our guides, that caught a trout by hand on Lake Michaelson. This was on a regular Trek with guests on Mount Kenya; how much more then would you expect on a dedicated fly fishing safari? There are no prizes for guessing.

Begin North Adventures focuses on providing unique experiences to every set of guests we have. Feel free to reach out and let’s us work on an expedition that suits your unique requirements.

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