One of the most interesting things about Northern Kenya is it’s vastness that keeps secrets. In August 2021, with a local guide from Mt Ng’iro area, they happen to mention about a hill filled with sand where they used to slide atop of basins. The description seemed quite interesting and we decided to proceed and explore.

To our pleasant suprise we found a huge hill covered by fine sand, what we’d call a hill dune. Checking on Google there shows to have existed a tourist camp, Loibor Seder Tourist camp. We looked around for any existing infrastructure but only came upon a makuti shade, that remains of the camp.

The dune is a pleasant attraction, that would take the average person 8 to 15 minutes to get to the top. 10 to 15 minutes taking photos and resting. Another, 5 minutes coming down. This would provide a 30 minutes excursion as a part of a longer itinerary. Our guests, enroute to Tuum, Mt Kulal and Kargi never miss the attraction.

The Loibor Seder dune complex occurs between two hills, the sand collects on the southern hill. The hills are part of the continuation of the Matthew ranges, that become Ndoto mountains and later, Nyiro mountains.

Here are some photos that we have taken on sevaral trips enroute.

Loibor Seder Sand Dune Gallery

Begin North Adventures is a tour operator with bias to the Kenya’s North. We help design itineraries to the North, cultural experiences to the some of the 15 tribes of the North that still reatin their culture like the Masai of the South. The attractions in the North are huge distances apart and others in hidden hard to reach areas. Our expertise in logistics and local networks helps design experiences that guests may have never thought of or even read about. Contact us today and let’s see what we can create together.

Activities that may be considered in this area include: wildlife viewing, cultural tourism, scenic safaris, mountain
climbing, bird spoting, hiking, camping, camel / donkey safaris, sand sliding.

Begin North Adventures
Begin North Adventures

Begin North Adventures, is Your Travel Partner, with focus on Kenya's North. Occuring East of Rift Valley and North of Equator: are lands with extreme climates from the snow capped Mount Kenya, to the World's 2nd largest Desert Lake, the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana), Chalbi desert, UNESCO protected biosphere of Mt. Kulal, the protected Marsabit Forest that remains largely unchronicled until now. Let's help you create memories on these Virgin lands

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