Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Boots


Why Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes?

I had set 2014, as the year to climb Mount Kenya  It’s recommended that one trails, hikes or climbs other smaller mountains of hills prior to doing mount Kenya. It happened that for each hiking event I had to purchase a new hiking pair of boots. From cheap to over priced pairs, they all disappointed. I tried some second user shoes from North America, they were good quality but super heavy.

I need an extra light trailing and hiking boot that had comfort and durability. After spending tens of thousands of shillings, I was disappointed each time.

In 2018, I found a shoe cobbler who made some nice custom shoes, the quality of which got him praises from his customers. Unfortunately, none of his custom shoes were suitable for hiking and adventures.

So I engaged a designer and engineer pronto to come up with a design that suits my requirements.

2020 going forward, you now become part of that story, as you experience adventures with a battle-tested trail and hiking boot that is made for endurance and comfort. Even better, it’s long lasting – each time you polish, it looks as good as new.

The show is Unisex – for bothe men and women (smaller sizes weigh 350 grams whereas larger sizes weigh upto 650 grams) – Your shoe size therefore determines the weight.

the following sizes are available or can be made if out of stock.

38(4), 39(5), 40(6), 41(7), 42(8), 43(9) 44(10), 45(11),

For numbers 46(12) and 48(13) can be made as custom orders may take upto 2 weeks. Enquire first.



Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Boots

Here are your choice Hiking boots, walking boots, trailing boots and climbing boots in one blend. Rugged, Rustic and Handicrafted to give you a unique feel of comfort, thrill and adventure. These unisex (for men and women) shoes with sizes ranging from number 4 to 11, weight between 350 and 650 grams. This makes the shoes extra light in their class. Steel toed for safety from falling obects or hitting on unseen objects. Made with Industrial grade Leather to make them water resistant and endure the elements. Tensile leather sole to absorb shocok from uneven terrain jagged rocks – and resistance to extreme heat or cold. As owner of Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes – You possess the power to tread on uncharted terrain and face the full force of the elements to experience thrilling adventures.
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
Made of 100% Pure Leather
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
defence againt sharp rocks and uneven ground – ergonomically designed for wet, dry, slipperly, rough, jagged and every terrain
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
The front has steel reinforcement to protect the feet from roots, rocks or near falling objects
Begin Rustic Handmade for every foot work
Rustic and rugged look
Shoes to step on jagged rocks..
You can step on sharp rocks and keep on hiking – the versatile nature of the thick industrial grade rubber sole, will protect your feet from tensile force of the uneven and extreme terrain.
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
What makes a walk, a trek or a hike more enjoyable?  A shoe that knows no bounds.
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Boots
Walk on shallow waters..
Hiking Boots – to help you walk through shallow streams
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
water proof boots to go
come rain or sunshine, keep moving – heat resistant, fire resistant, water proof.
Begin Rustic Handmade Hiking Shoes
Trust the Brand – crafted by a hiker for hikers
We are in times where outdooor activities in the woods or less crowded areas are highly encouraged.
Your journey starts here, with the proper shoe to protect your feet for the adventure you desire.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Steel Toed

Steel toe boots are tough: The shoes can withstand up to 35KG of pressure. This pressure is equivalent to that of an object dropped from 3 meters

100% Industrial grade Pure Leather

The shoes are made from industrial quality leather that allows them to withstand tough weather elements from extreme heat or cold. The toughness of the shoes gives you peace of mind as you know that your feet are fully protected from twigs, sand, rocks and more.

The boots are comfortable

The tongue (flap) of the shoe is joined to the upper part of the shoes that goes above the ankle for extra comfort. A soft inner layer hugs your feet with an easiness that will inspire you to keep moving.

Fire and Water Resistant

The rubber sole passes the fire test. The upper leather part and sole blend seemlessly to block dew or running water from sipping in.

Reduce fatigue with Rubber Sole

Thick, yet extra light rubber sole provides better traction on wet surfaces, jagged rocks, muddy places, soggy surface and elevated surfaces.
The rubber absorbs shock, making the feet and body to endure the full force of the elements.

Shoe Size

38 same as 4, 39 same as 5, 40 same as 6, 41 same as 7, 42 same as 8, 43 same as 9, 44 same as 10, 45 same as 11, 46 same as 12, 48 same as 13


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